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15 January 2019

Newspages - what is it?

Newspages  are both news and blog on your website. It is a super formidable function of Webwave website builder which one can use in variety of ways. The first thing coming to everybody's mind concernig newspages is actually adding news to your website, but it is just the tip of the iceberg...


When should I create a newspage?

Why is it worth using newspages?

The newspages' examples



 When should I create a newspage?

With help of newspages one can easily and quickly create new subpages which will differ from each other only in terms of the text and graphics, but not  the format. It means that if there are a lof of subpages on your website which have the same elements' layout, creating newspages would defenitely pay off. The next situation, when it is higly recommended to use newspages, is when we want to create a "table of contents" on one of our pages which will automatically replenish itself with news. In order to create an element like this, please read the following article: newsfeed element.



Why is it worth using newspages?

It is worth using newspages for a number of reasons. First of all, it is more easily to manage newspages than subpages, because we have  several interesting instruments at our disposal in case of newspages. These instruments are Newsfeed element, News categories and News layout



The newspages' examples

There are many exemplary purposes for making a newspage, let's take a look at a couple of them:



The most obvious newspage purpose. You can add to your website a newsfeed list and a newsfeed layout. and describe the newest events and novelties. 



Articles can contain many newsfeed lists and newsfeed layouts which allow you to write on many topics and have news nicely sorted. For example, all the  subpages in this guide are newspages. On the website https://webwave.me/Positioning you will find a newsfeed list which displays only newspages in SEO category. All the SEO newspages such as:



are newspages assigned to the SEO category, so whenever we want to add a newspage about SEO, we write its content, select an adequate layout and assign it to the appropriate category.



Using newspages you can also describe your products. If you, for example, run a website about computer games, where each game is a separate product, you can describe then each game in a particular newspage.



Newspages are the best tool to write a blog. All you need to do is to create a news' content and it will be automatically displayed in an adequate place, sorted just like you want it to be.