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15 January 2019

H1, H2, H3 Headers on your website

Headers on your website have a big influence on the positioning.

They do not only set a hierarchy of content  for the users' convinience, but also for search engines. 

Headers divide the text into paragraphs and sections, thereby making it easier for users to find the information they need. 

In this article you will learn how to build a website with proper headers h1, h2, h3...

IMPORTANT: make sure that on each webpage there is only one header H1. You can have more headers H2, H3. They should order the content  and give it a clear structure.  

The headers differ from one another, it  depends on in which section the header is placed.

On the single webpages they mark every next group of contents (for example with keywords) with another subjects.

In case of long text layouts and webpages, headers work well as the elements capturing users' attention. They clearly and exhaustively should say what content is on the website.

What's more, longer headers significantly beter keep readers attention while reading longer text content. 

To set headers in  text on your website created in website builder WebWave, click on a text element, select a particular sentence and in text editor set a heading type. 


How to add headers ont website made in Webwave?

To set text as header you have to just select fragment of text you want to set and in the text editor set the right style:


Keep in mind that headers set hierarchy not only for the marked sentence, but for the whole text paragraph.