If you change a mailbox operator, you probably will want all of your messages to be transferred to a new mailbox operator. In WebWave - free website builder without any coding - you can export all  your emails and import them from another server. 

Import e-mails to WebWave server

Export e-mails to another server


Import e-mails to WebWave server

  1. Log in to your account on Roundcube
  2. Select a cogwheel icon at the bottom left corner and choose "Import messages".
  3. Select from your PC messages with .eml extension which you want to import to the server (If you don't have them yet, read below how to export messages).


Export messages to another server

  1. Download and install Thunderbird 
  2. Link Thunderbird to your mailbox (read this article if you don't know how) 
  3. Download and install Thunderbird plugin ImportEksportTools 
  4. Right-click on folder "inbox"
  5. Select ImportExportTools > Export all messages > EML format
  6. In a new window select a folder to which all the messages should be exported

Import and export e-mails

08 April 2019

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