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15 January 2019

Configuration of your mailbox in Outlook

In order to configure in WebWave website builder mailbox in Outlook or Outlook.com, you would simply need to choose the option of adding an account and follow the steps below. Please note that the order and description may differ depending on the Outlook version  you are using. 


  1. Select the option  "Add a New Mail Account"
  2. Choose Advanced Setup
  3. Choose Internet Email
  4. Complete the following information:

    Email address
    (enter the email address of the mailbox that you set up in WebWave, example: your@address.com)

    (enter the email address of the mailbox that you set up in WebWave eg. your@address.com

    (enter the password of the mailbox that you set up in WebWave)

    Account name
    (enter your name and surname or some other name you'd like to have for your mailbox account)
  5. Incoming mail server: mail.webwavecms.com
  6. For Account Type choose IMAP
  7. Outgoing mail server (SMTP): mail.webwavecms.com
  8. Select the option  that outgoing server (SMTP) needs authorisation.
  9. Outgoing server port (SMTP) - 587 or (if this does not work) try 465
  10. Select "Use the same username and password for sending email"
  11. Use a secured connection of SSL type
  12. Select OK or Sign In

The Outlook Mail Client should then automatically test whether it has an access to the mailbox account. If changes were made successfully, close and exit. You should now be able to send and receive emails for this mailbox using Outlook.

If you receive an error during the automatic test, it's most likely you have a missing or incorrect setting in one of the configuration fields.