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15 January 2019

Configuration of your mailbox in MacOS & iOS

To configure mail set up in the WebWave website builder in macOS, use the following mail client configuration:



Configuration of your mailbox in MacOS.

1. Open mail program on your MacBook.



2. Choose your e-mail provider, in this situation click "Other Mail Account...".



3. To start the set-up, enter your email address and password in the fields below. Then click "Sign In".



4. The next configuration step will be to fill in the fields responsible for sending and receiving messages:

Incoming Mail Server: mail.webwavecms.com
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.webwavecms.com

After filling in the fields, click "Sing in".



5. Select the applications you will use through this account. Click "Done".



6. In the next step,select the first protection option.

7. Congratulations! Your mailbox has been correctly added!



Configuration of your mailbox in iOS.

1. Go to mail settings on your device, then click "Accounts"

Path: Settings -> Mail



2. Click "Add Account".

3. In the "Add Mail Account" tab, choose "Other" option.

4. Choose "Add Mail Account" option.



5. Fill in all the fields, then click "Next"
Name - the name of your account
Email - your WebWave email.
Password - your WebWave email password.
Description - fill in the description optionally.



6.The next step of configuration will be to fill in the fields responsible for sending and receiving messages and fill in the fields:

Username - enter your WebWave email address.
Password - enter your WebWave email password.

Then fill in the fields:
Incoming Message Server / Incoming Mail Server: mail.webwavecms.com
Outgoing Message Server / Outgoing Mail Server: mail.webwavecms.com



7. Wait for verification and then select "Mail" and click "Save"



8. Congratulations you have added your mail created in WebWave to your iOS device.