In this article, you will learn how to connect a domain purchased from a third party. Of course to connect any domain, first step is to buy Premium Plan. After that, follow the steps below:


1) Open domain settings popup

Go to your Webmaster's panel and click "Set your own address".


2) Type in your domain name

In the "Connect domain" box enter your domain name address. Then click "Add".

Important thing to remember: If you add your domain e.g., there is no need to add www to either. WebWave treats these two addresses as the same ones. You can add just one  and both of them will work correctly. Don't forget to select one address (with 'www' or without 'www') as the main one, as it has a huge impact on SEO (read more).

3) Redirect your Domain name to WebWave servers

The last thing you need to do is to redirect your domain name to WebWave DNS servers. To do this log in to the admin panel of your domain reseller. There are hundreds of different domain resellers out there and the process of domain name configuration  differs greatly. If you have any problem with redirecting your domain name, please contact your reseller technical support for help.

3a) Redirect your website and mailboxes to WebWave

To redirect both your website and mailboxes to WebWave's servers you need to set the DNS of your domain name on ours:

Important: This is the preferred method to redirect your domain name since it's much more stable than the second method

3b) Redirect your website to WebWave but leave the  mailboxes on the other server

In settings panel of your domain reseller enter advanced DNS settings and redirect the www and non-www A records to:

If you are based in Australia, New Zealand or the Oceania region, use this instead:


If you want to keep mailbox on another server, remember not to change MX record (which is responsible for mailbox).

Important thing to take into account: Use this method only if you are absolutely conscious of what you're doing, as it is much less stable and there is a chance of experiencing domain name downtimes quite a bit.



Having some problems?

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Redirect your domain purchased elsewhere to a website created in WebWave

15 January 2019

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