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15 January 2019

How to add a company to Google Maps

If you run a local company or your Website appeals to specific localisation (institution, company, organization, etc.) , it's worh adding information about that to Google Maps.

So adding your company to Google Maps is crucially important, because:
  • it allows to add your website to Google Maps
  • it allows to handle the structured data on your page
  • from the perspective of your site positioning
  • it lifts your company's credibility


In addition, when in Google search you write for example "hairdresser London" then in first results you will see Google Maps widget with pointed hairdressing salons in that city.

When you type in Google search "hairdresser Brighton" in the first place you will see a Google map with local hair salons. Adding your company to Google Maps is as important as creating your website (which can be easily done in free website builder WebWave CMS), especially if you run a local business or want to reach customers in a new area.



How to add your company to Google Maps?

In this article you will learn how to add your company to Google Maps in a few steps for  free.


  1. Enter Google My Company

  2. Select "Manage now"


  3. In the next step click on "Add your business to Google"


  4. In the next step enter business name and select its category

  5. Select Yes in "Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?"

  6. Add its location

  7. Nex you will be asked if you serve outside your location.
    Select yes if you do and go to next form.

  8. Fill contact details


  9. Ask for a verification code in the next step. For this moment the only way to verify your company is asking to send to you a verification code by post. The code will arrive at the previously indicated address within 15 days. After you inserted the recieved code people around will find you faster and easier.


Congratulations! Your company is officially on Google Maps. Now customers searching for your service in the local area will more easily find you online.


If your company has more than one point of sale, make sure to put all of them in Google Maps.


It's also important to add your structured data to your website.