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21 June 2023

Calculator on a page created in WebWave.

Calconic.com is professional software that enables easy and intuitive creation of personalized calculators on your website. With a wide range of features and flexible customization options, you can create a calculator that perfectly suits your business needs. Regardless of the industry you operate in, calconic.com allows you to collect data, generate estimated costs, and facilitate quick calculations for your customers.

Registration and creation of the calculator.

1. Go to calconic.com

2. Click on the "SIGN UP FOR FREE" button on the right hand side.

3. Fill in the required fields then click "SIGNUP".

4. In the next stopper, we can create ourselves a simple template(1) or use a ready-made template(2).

4.1. "NEW FROM BLANK" - allows you to create a new calculator using your own formulas. We can add elements using the plus sign in the navigation bar in the top left corner. And edit the RWD modes for your own.

4.2. "USE TEMPLATE" - allows you to select the appropriate template from the list of templates to use for the site. Click on the template of interest and then click on the "USE TEMPLATE" button in the top right corner.

Then go to the "MY CALCULATORS" tab and click on our template to modify the template.

By clicking on a section, we can easily modify the appearance, names, and formulas used in our element.

Once you have modified your calculator, click on the Activate button.

Once the calculator is activated, click on the < > icon. And copy your calculator code.

Adding a calculator to your website.

1. go to edit your page.

2. Add the HTML, CSS, JS element to your site.

3. Paste in your code and adjust the size of the element.

4. Disable option: "Add code after page has finished loading".


5. Your code has been correctly added.