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06 February 2024

Article - all information 

With articles you will create an online store, a blog - with consistency.


Manage articles.
Add article.
Article templates.

Article management.

Manage your articles in one place.

1. Go to the "Articles & Blog" tab then click "Article manager".

2. All options of the "Article management" tab.


1. Title - change the title of your article.
2. Availability - set the availability of your article, you can choose 3 options:

a. Everyone - all visitors to your site can easily see the article.
b. Logged in only - logged in people can access this article (the "login" element).
c. Password - people who have a password for a given article can see it.

3. Date - change the date of publication of your article, to change the date, click the calendar icon.
4. Thumbnail - add a thumbnail of your article to display when sharing the link, e.g. on Facebook.
5. Duplicate - duplicate your article and change its content without any problems.
6. Delete article - you don't like your article, you can delete it without any problem.
7. Status - you want your article not to be displayed on the Internet, change its status to non-public.
8. Meta title and meta description - take care of the positioning of your articles in one place, set the meta description and title here. To learn more about SEO, check out our webinar.
9. Categories - give your article correct categories, this is useful for creating a blog and online store in WebWave.
10. Sub-page address - you don't fit your sub-page address, you can easily change it and set your own address as the main one.
11. Edit - go to edit your article.
12. Add article - add your article from "Article management".


Add an article.

We can add an article in two ways.
Method 1:

Method 2:

Step 1:

Step 2:


Categories allow us to keep the List of articles in order, we use them in creating an online store, and a blog.


1. go to the "Articles" tab then click "Categories".

2. All options of the "Categories" tab.

1. Categories - the name of your category, you can change it by clicking on it.
2. Article - the number of articles with the selected category.
3. Delete - you can easily delete your category by clicking on the red cross.
4. Add new category - enter the name of the new category in the text box and click on the "Add" button.

Using an article template allows you to separate the form (how the article looks) from its content (what the article contains - texts, photos). Thanks to article templates, we can quickly create many sub-pages in WebWave Web Page Builder, which will look the same or very similar and differ only in content.


Article template.

1. To create an article template, click "Article layouts" under the "Articles" tab


2. Then add a new article design by clicking the "Add template" button


3. In the website builder, a new article template will be opened. We can edit it just like a regular subpage - add and remove elements, move them around and change their style.


Special elements of the article template.

Once you have created an article template, you will find several special elements in it. These elements allow you to add the content of the article, its title, display the date of creation of the article and its thumbnail.


Article title (News Header)
The article header is an element where we can enter the title of the article. This title will be displayed in the article listings and will also be inserted into the article URL by default.

Article content (News Content)
Article content is a simple text element. As the name suggests, you can enter the content of your article in it and insert images. The first words of the article content will be displayed in the article list as its abbreviation.

Article thumbnail (News thumbnail)
Thumbnail is a photo that is displayed in the article list as a thumbnail of the article. The thumbnail can be changed just like any other photo, that is, by clicking on the edit icon in the corner of the item. It can also be changed by clicking on the icon in the side edit panel and through the article list.


Article date (News date)
The article creation date displays when the article was created.


Variable content in the elements.

In the article template, we determine how the articles should look. So we define the positions and general appearance of the elements.


We enter their content when we create individual articles.

Elements that can have different content from article to article are all special elements and Facebook-related galleries and buttons (i.e. likes and comments). The content of these elements can be changed between articles.


Hide special elements.

Special elements of the article template must be in every template. For this, they cannot be removed. However, if you do not want these elements to be displayed, for example, you would like to replace the article thumbnail with a slider, there is no problem with that at all. Simply hide the selected element by clicking on the eye icon in the list of layers.



Additional information.

To display articles on your site use the "Newsfeed - article list" element. You can find more information about this element here [LINK].