A landing page increases the number of customers on your website. Creating such a page  in WebWave is as easy as ABC. 



What's a landing page?

A landing page is an independent subpage linked to a website template. Its main goal is to make users behave in a certain way - to register, make a purchase or fill a contact form. It basically transforms users into customers and is all about generating leads. Learn more about how to build a successful leading page in the article on WebWave blog.



How to build a landing page in WebWave?

You don't have to use any external apps. Add to your website created in WebWave a new subpage and in the layers panel hide a template and a footer:  


Follow instructions from this article and build a successful landing page. By hiding a template and a footer you can make a landing page look different than the rest of your website. 



What is a landing page and how to create it?

15 January 2019

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