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30 July 2021

Terms of affiliate program in Webwave

WebWave CMS - www webpage creator without coding - has it's own recommendation programm.

Every person who you will recommend WebWave to will recieve 50% off on buying their own Premium Plan which they have to use in 7 days from registration. Also, you will recieve a chance to get a constant, static income. You will get 30% commission on a hosting paid by people recommended by you.

Apply to WebWave partnership program

Commission from recommendation first line

Commission from recommendation second line

Affilate program


Apply to WebWave partnership program


To earn from WewWave webpage creator recommendation, you first have to apply to our program. You can easily do it in your Webmaster's Panel.


  1. Click "(Recommend and earn)" on the right side of your Webmaster Pannel. Fill out the box, writing about how you want to recommend Webwave and click "I'm beggining to recommend".

  2. After clicking the button the recommendation pannel will show, in which there is a link of a person who recommends and info about number of recommended users, webpages made and your commission.

  3. You can copy the link and put it in your promotional materials or send it directly to a person who is interested in making a webpage in Webwave.



Commission from recommendation first line

  1. New user registers from your recommendation link. In the moment when they pay Premium Plan, 30% from their pay goes to your recommendation account.



Commission from recommendation second line

Partnership programme in Webwave has been created in a way so that you can earn money not only from payments made by directly recommended user, but also from second line recommendations. Commission then is 20%.

YOU > A user from your recommendation > B user from user A recommendation


In situation shown on scheme:

  1. When B user pays Premium Plan, user A gets 30% commission and YOU will get 20% commission from user B payment.
  2. In case when A user does a webpage for their customer and sends them the bill for Premium Plan, 30% commission goes to A user, and YOU will get 20% commission.

Funds raised that way can be destined for WebWave services. If you raise at least 500PLN, you can pay it into your bank account.