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24 July 2019

PRO Panel - elements' alignment and size

If you have been creating websites in WebWave website builder for a while, you probably noticed that most of the websites built in this software look kind of similar. The reason was the limited site width - 1200px which made creating websites with  full-screen size impossible.

But not anymore!

By  switching to PRO mode you can add elements in any part of the screen, regardless of thier size, which will  fit in every screen. Build unique RWD websites in WebWave - white label website builder with no coding!


Switching to PRO

Dynamic positon

Alignment and size

Units' description


Switching to PRO

Dynamic elements alignment feature is a quite complicated action, that's why we introduced the PRO functionality. Webmasters, who are not satisfied with basic position and sizes functions, can turn on PRO in the Settings Panel. 

In order to switch to PRO mode, select an element and in the Settings Panel in "Position and size" click on PRO.

Dynamic position

That option gives you ability to position your elements depeding on the corners of the screen.
You can attach any elements to left or right screen corner. You have to only set the Layout to the left/right side of the screen.


Alignment and size

Position and dimension allow you to set the alignment and size of the element on your website. These functions can be set in different units: px, VH, and VW. 

Units' description


It's a default unit in the website builder used for setting a static size and alignment of elements. Elements set in px will always have the same size and alignment, irrespective of the screen size  they are being viewed at. 



The next unit is calculated in regard to the screen width. If you want the element to occupy the whole screen width, set it to 100 vw. When you set it to 50 vw, then the element will occupy a half of the screen width.  


This unit is calculated in regard to the screen height. If you want the element to occupy the whole screen height, set it to 100 vh. If you set it to 50 vh, then the element will occupy a half of the screen height.