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15 January 2019


Parallax effect makes a picture scroll itself vertically and asymmetrically in respect to the rest of a website creating a 3D effect. In WebWave - web design software with no coding- parallax effect can be used for any image and element. In this article you will learn how to build a website with parallax effect.


Parallax on an image

Parallax on element background


Parallax scrolling speed:

  • >100% - an Image moves faster than the rest of a website
  • 100% - an Image moves at the same pace as the rest of a website
  • <100% - an Image moves slower than the rest of a website


Different scrolling speeds give different effects. Try them all and select the one that suits your website best.



Parallax on an image

  1. Add an image to your website.

  2. Select an image, go to the Settings panel and in "Image settings" turn on Parallax effect and adjust scrolling speed.




Parallax on element background

  1. Add to your website an element of your choice. It can be for example a text, button, rectangle etc.
  2. Select the element. In the Settings panel go to "Background settings" and next to  the "Background image" field click on the switch.

  3. Add an image and set Parallax in the Settings panel.