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15 January 2019

List of keyboard shortcuts in WebWave builder

Website builder WebWave CMS allows users to use popular keyboard shortcuts. In this article, you will find a list of hotkeys which will speed up work on your project in the builder.


You can also take a look at a list of keyboard shortcuts in "Edit" at the top of the builder.






Select all


Delete selected

Proportionally change element size

Move element vertically or horizontally

Move element with arrows

Move element and ignore guides

Zooming in and out of the project


Ctrl + z = undo

A keyboard shortcut that every graphic designer knows. Using Ctrl + z undo the last thing done in the builder. It comes handy when you move the element and decide it fit better before or when you accidentally delete something.


Ctrl + y = redo

Ctrl + y allows you to reverse a previous Undo. When you do one too much of "undo", you can reverse it by using a keyboard shortcut Redo.


Ctrl + c = copy

Ctrl+ c goes without saying. It is a part of a very popular practice "copy & paste". With this keyboard shortcut, you can copy any elements and then paste them with...


Ctrl + v = paste

Crtl + v is a part of "copy & paste". Previously copied elements can be pasted on any subpage. Elements will appear on the top layer, but if they cover something important, you can easily move them down the layers hierarchy.  


Ctrl + x = cut

Ctrl + x deletes selected elements but allows you to paste them in a different place. Keep in mind that this keyboard shortcut stores only the most recent "cut".


Ctrl + a = select all

A keyboard shortcut that selects all elements on a website.


CTRL+ d = duplicate element

This keyboard shortcut allows you to duplicate the selected elements. It performs the same action as ctlr + c and ctrl + v


Delete = delete

To quickly get rid of an unwanted element on a website, select it and press delete on a keyboard. You can select any number of elements. If you unintentionally delete something important, you can always use Ctrl + z and undo the mistake.


Shift + stretch element = keep proportions

If you want to proportionally change the size of an element on a website (e.g. image or logo) you can use shift.

Press shift, grab a corner of the element and start stretching it. No matter what size you choose, the element will stay proportional. 


Shift + move element = move horizontally or vertically

When you want to move element either horizontally or vertically, you can do it by selecting shift and dragging element with your computer mouse. 


Arrows/Shift +arrows = move

Select one or many elements and press the arrow on a keyboard. Elements will move 1 px in the indicated direction. If you press shift + arrow, elements will move 10 px.


Ctrl + move elements = ignore guides

When you want to precisely move an element but it keeps fitting one of the guides, press Ctrl. By pressing Ctrl and moving an element, you make it ignore all the guides and you can place it wherever you want. 


Ctrl plus +/- or scroll up/down = zooming in and out of the project

Zoom in and out of the design which allows you to arrange the elements on the page more accurately.