Thanks to layout objects in website builder WebWave CMS you can display the same elements on many subpages. It simplifies managing website and making corrections. If you want to for example change a phone number, you don't have to open each subpage and change number individually. All you have to do is correct it in layout objects. In this article, you will learn how to build a website with layout objects. 


How to use layout objects

Add elements to layout 

Layout edition

The position of layout objects in layers

Different location on a webpage

Hide layout objects



How to use layout objects

Layout objects are the foundation of all subpages. It is handy to place in layout elements like logo or menu, which appear on all or at least most subpages. 



Add elements to layout

Did you create an amazing header and want it to be displayed on every subpage? It is easy! Select this element and in the Settings Panel add them to the layout. 



You can add to template a group of elements at once. Read more about a group of elements here.



 Layout edition

Layout objects can be edited in another, more direct way. In subpages list select "Layouts". 

Keep in mind that all changes made in layout objects will affect all subpages with this layout.



The position of layout objects in layers

On layers list, you can see a group of elements named "Layout", where are all layout objects. This group is indivisible. It means that you cannot move elemenets from website to layout and vice versa. However you can move layout in any position in layers panel. Thanks to that you can show template on or belov rest of the elements in the webpage.


Different location on a webpage


Layout funcionality lets changing its position on a specific webpage. We can do it by turning on option "Other location on this webpage"



Hide layout objects

It might turn out that you don't want to display layout objects on a certain subpage.

In order to hide them, open a chosen subpage and on layers list hide layout objects by clicking on the "eye" icon. Objects will disappear from this particular page, but will still be visible on others. 




Layout objects - automate your work

15 January 2019

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