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15 January 2019

How to find keywords for your website?

Using adequate keywords is essential for SEO (search engine optimization).

Easy to say, huh?

How to select the right words which will increase the number of users on your website?

In this article you will learn how to build your website and successfully position it in search engines.



Step number one - what are users looking for?

In order to target the right keywords for your website, try to associate them with the questions frequently asked concerning your website's topic.

Imagine for a second that you are a your customer and try to answer to the following questions - what needs do you have? What would you type in Google in order to find things you offer? 


Then write down on a piece of paper all the words and phrases that come to your mind. 


Step number two - check on the competition in your area 

Now it is time to visit websites of similar businesses (especially the ones positioned on the first page of search engines).

Pay attention to meta titles, meta descriptions and headlines located on these websites.

It might be helpful to use a tool Majesticseo.com or Ubersuggest


You also may check on the phrases that the competitors use. Add to your list all the keywords spotted at competitors.


Step number three - check the popularity of your keywords and search for similar ones

In order to find new well-suited keywords, you may benefit from  Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest tool for free. In case of Google Keyword Planner, sign in to your AdWords account (or create one). Select "Search for potential keywords". Enter your product/service (what you are offering) and paste your website URL address. In results you will see groups of ads and an average number of views. Click on a particular group to see a list of keywords and their popularity. Add new keywords to your list. 


In case of Ubersuggest, enter  a keyword you are looking for.


Ubersuggest will suggest to you a specific keywords' list worth adding into your site's content.

The second table on the above picture is so called  LSI keywords which are indespensible for enlargement of your site's content. 

Ubersuggest will show to you an estimated number of the keywords searches.

Of course: It's worth to position the most popular phrases, but you can notice that they are quite popular and it will be hard to get to the first place in search results.

That's why you should get interested in phrases similar by topic and overlapping with the subject of your website.

Estimated difficulty with positioning a website on those phrases you'll find on Ubersuggest.