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17 March 2023

How to add inventory to a WebWave shopping cart

Inventory is an important element used to manage the amount of goods that are available for sale.

Adding "Add to shopping cart" button.

1. Go to edit your page.

2. Add "Add to shopping cart" button.

3. All information about function "Add to shopping cart" button

3.1 Set product availability. You can easily indicate that a product is unavailable at this time.

3.2. After clicking on the three dots, you can delete your product.

3.3. Here add a thumbnail of your product.

3.4. Product name - give a name to the product, which will be displayed when placing an order.

3.5. gross price (PLN) - set the price of your product.

3.6. VAT tax - set an individual VAT tax for this product.

3.7. Product description - enter the most necessary information about the product.

3.8. Message sent after purchase - this function gives you the possibility to send a personalised message to the customer after purchasing this product.

3.9. Product variants - adding product variants allows us to sell one product in different sizes or colors without creating a separate article for each variation.

3.10. Track quantity - when you enable this function, you will start to manage the inventory of your product. Track quantity function is also present for variants.

3.11. Save settings - this button saves the settings for a particular product.

Adding another product to the product list.

1. Click the pinwheel located at the top corner of the "Add to shopping Cart" button.


3. Select a product from the list or click the "Add new product" button.

Change the appearance of the add to cart button in the product status “Unavailable”.

1. Click the "Add to shopping cart" button.

2. Go to "Settings Panel".

3. Set "Unavailable" status.

4. Change the appearance of the button that allows you to add a product to the cart.

5. Publish the page after making changes.