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15 January 2019

How to add a mobile menu to your website?

It is a common practice to replace regular menu on the mobile version with a so called "hamburger" .  In this article you will learn how to do that in website builder WebWave.


Creating a "hamburger" menu in WebWave

In order to create a "hamburger" menu, enter a mobile version of your website (more about RWD read here) and in the side edition panel in "Menu settings" select "Menu type: Mobile".



You can customize menu to look exactly how you want it to look. Change the menu width, position and image so it perfectly suits your project.



  1. Menu type - select what type of menu has to be in the mobile version of your website.                                     
  2. Image - if you don't like a default image of "hamburger" menu, you can easily change it.
  3. Menu position - pick out a place where the menu should be displayed on mobile devices:
    • Below the element - menu rolls out under the menu. After selecting this option you can also choose the menu width:
      • 100% - menu rolls out having  a 100%  width of the whole screen

      • Auto - menu rolls out having a width of its broadest element

      • Element's width -  menu rolls out and have a width of the menu icon

    • the left edge of a screen

    • the right edge of a screen


As you can see, mobile menu features give you a lot of opportunities of  making the mobile menu match your website just like you want it.