Google Search Console, also known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free tool, supported by Google, to check the index status of a website in Google internet search and optimize its visibility. 

In this article, you will learn how to build a website and monitor it in Google Search Console.


How to add a website to Google Search Console?

How to add a website map to Google Search Console?



 How to add a website to the Google Search Console?

In order to use Google Search Console, create an account and add to it your website. To start using Google Webmaster Tools verify your website created in website builder WebWave by HTML Tag method. 

Copy your verification code and paste it to the HEAD section on your website.

  1. Go to
  2. In "URL prefix" type your domain and continue--
  3. In the next step download the file generated by Google. Having it on your website will help to verify the ownership of your website and monitor the statistics. Jego obecność na stronie pozwoli zweryfikować własność strony, a przez to pozwoli Ci monitorować jej skuteczność. 
  4. Open WebWave builder and in top menu enter "Settings" and select "SEO (Google)". 
  5. In the new window upload previously downloaded file and publish the website.
  6. Go back to Google Search Console and press VERIFY button.

  7. If you followed these steps carefully, the verification process should be a success.


 How to add a website map to Google Search Console?

To make Google Search Console life easier, it is a common practice to share with a tool an address of website map.

A website map is a file with a list of subpages and it informs Google and other internet searches about the order of content on a website.

Indexing searches robots (e.g. Googlebot) reads the file to more successfully index websites.


Every website created in website builder WebWave CMS has an automatically generated and updated with every publication website map.

You can find your map under


  1. To add website map, sign in to your Google Search Console account and on the left side select indexing and website map. 
  2. In "Add a new sitemap" section type "sitemap.xml" and "Submit"
    Website map generated in WebWave CMS is being updated with every site publication.

    Thanks to that, Google robot will more successfully recognize changes on your website and any newly added subpages.

Google Search Console - how to link it to a website

15 January 2019


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