Do you run a website of a public institution? Or maybe you just want to facilitate access to your website also for people with various disabilities? In both cases, we recommend checking the UserWay plugin that meets WCAG standards for websites.


What is the WCAG standard?

WCAG is a collection of documents that contain recommendations for creating pages. It is based on the 4 most important elements:

  • perceivability
  • operability
  • understandability
  • solidity


These are not rigid technical issues, but only an indication of the direction of website adaptation for people with various access restrictions.


How to install Userway plugin on your website

  1. First, go to Press the blue button "Start Free Trial" which is in the middle of the screen and in the upper right corner.
  2. Enter the required data and proceed.

  3. Select the Free version of the plugin then click "next".

  4. Copy the displayed code with the button: