You can easily export your website to an external server in just a few steps.


  1. Go to Webmaster's panel.
  2. Enter 'More Options' and click 'Export Site'.

    After payment for the export downloading should start automatically. A website with its content will be downloaded in the  .zip fromat which can be opened in a software like WinRar (trial period), 7zip (free) and many more alternatives available in the net.
  3. Extract the dowloaded file into any directory, ideally to an empty folder.
  4. Send the extracted project to an external server. You can use for example TotalComander (trial period) or FileZilla (free).
  5. After extracting you can go to your page by typing path to your website.


  • To successfully export a website to an external server,  you would need Apache 2.2.15 or higher (required).


Keep in mind:

  • You have 24 hours (since the purchase) to export your website as many times as you need. What's also important is that you won't be able to export your website once you start editing it in the builder during those 24 hours after the purchase.
  • The exported website can't be edited in WebWave website builder and loses its functionalities, e.g. form – it won't be generating messages through the mail server anymore.

Export website to an external server

15 January 2019

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