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05 February 2024

Expert Profile WebWave

With WebWave's expert profile, you will get new customers who need support in creating their website or don't have the time to do so.

How to become an expert?

1. In the Webmaster Panel on the right, expand the "Freelancers and Agencies" tab.

2. In the "Freelancers and agencies" section, click the "APPLY TO BECOME AN EXPERT" button.


3. Complete your profile with your agency name or first and last name. Select a country and city and add your logo.



4. In the "Services" section, click the "Select" button. Then choose a currency, select services and enter a price.
(The minimum price is used to filter out queries whose budget is too small).
Confirm your changes with the "Update" button.

5. Enter your company's website. In the next line paste links to your best projects (minimum 3).
Specify the languages you can work with. In the last line, provide a brief description of yourself.

6.Submit your application by clicking on the "APPLY TO BECOME AN EXPERT" button.


We will verify your profile manually and contact you by phone or email within a few days.

7. Once you have submitted your application, you can edit it at any time using the "EDIT PROFILE" button under the "Freelancers and agencies" tab.