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15 January 2019

Element animations

In the website builder WebWave you can set animations to the elements  like text, image, button etc. In this article you will learn how to build a website with elements animations.


Add  animation to an element

Adjust animation



Add an animation to an element


In order to add an animation to an element, go to the Settings panel. Enter "Animation" and choose between on show/on hide/after scroll options. If you want to enable Show/hide after scroll option you have to enable PRO mode first.



Adjust animation


Now you can freely adjust animation to your needs. 



Animation type


In "Animation type" you can select one out of the five element animations. Choose between fly in, fade in, expand in, fold in, reveal. Keep in mind that each of them has different further parameters to edit. 




In the next step select the animation direction. It is only available for the animation types: fly in, fold in reveal.


Animation parameters


Select the duration time of the animation and the delay time.



Animation start  


In this step you can set when animation will start. Select from the three start options: when the screen shos the elements top, elements bottom or element px number.



Animation easing


Animation easing allows you to set a frequency of animation lines - an element speed  being displayed in time. Select one of the eight options.



Animate only once


By selecting animate only once you can prevent the animation to be activated when a user scrolls down the website again.



Show animation


Here you can check how the animation looks like before publishing your website.