Element button in website builder WebWave allows you to add to your website interactive button, which will change style when a user hovers over it and after click transfer user to a place of your choice. In this article, you will learn how to build a website with a button.


Add button to your website

Button settings

Change button style

Change text on a button



 Add button to your website

In website builder WebWave button can be added through the toolbar on the left side of the builder. All you need to do is drag and drop button icon to your website.



 Button settings

In order to edit button, click on it and see available settings in side edition panel.


 Click action

In"Click action (link)" you can set what will happen when a user clicks on a button:

  • None (default) - nothing happens after clicking an image.
  • Element on a subpage - website will be dynamically scrolled down to a certain element on the subpage. 
  • Subpage - opens your website's subpage.
  • Article - opens a certain article.
  • Site address - opens a website with certain site address.
  • Perform interaction - show or hide elements.
  • More:
    • Open URL address - opens a website with a certain URL address.
    • Call phone number - runs default calling application like Skype on users computer or telephone dial on a mobile phone and automatically dials a number of your choice.
    • Send e-mail - opens default mailbox application like Mailbox (Windows 10) on users computer or Gmail on users mobile phone and automatically puts e-mail address of your choice.
    • Open file from media library - opens file form media library.


Button states

Button states allow you to change button style depending on its state. You can set different colors, borders and even text for a button in normal and hover state.

To edit how the button looks in a different state, click on it and change in the Settings panel button state from normal to hover.


 Text alignment

In button side edition panel select "Button settings" and change text position.



 Change button style

In order to change button style, click on it and edit how it looks in a "normal" state in the Settings panel. Set colors, borders, transparency, shadows and more. 

Change a state to "hover". From now on, all changes in terms of button style will only apply when a user hovers over the button. 


 Change text on a button

To change the text on a button, double click on it. Content edition panel will appear and now you can edit text like in any other element.




15 January 2019


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