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15 January 2019

Add SEO image description (ALT)

By adding an alternative text to an image you help search engines "read" your images. In website builder WebWave adding an alternative text is easy. In this article, you will learn how to build your website having image descriptions. 

Adding alternative descriptions to your images is very essential from the perspective of your website's positioning, because it allows  search engines to understand the "meaning" of your website and thereby to display it higher in search results.
The image descriptions can also include keywords and it will not be considered as keyword stuffing. The reason is that you simply add the grafics to the website of a particular topic and the graphics should reflect the meaning of the text contained on your website. So the images descriptions inform search engines about the image topic.



In order to add an alternative text, select an image and in the Settings panel open "Image description and SEO". Type alt text in SEO image description (ALT). 



Slider, Gallery, Image grid, Carousel

Changing alternative texts and titles in the slider, gallery, image grid and carousel is done the same way.
1. Click on our item, then press the "Gear" icon, go to the "Change images" tab.

2. Click the photo for which you want to change/add alternative text and title. On the right side of the popup under the thumbnail of the photo, we can set "Image Title (TITLE)" and "Alternative Text (ALT)".


You can also add alternative descriptions to images and graphics in the content of articles by filling in the appropriate fields in the graphics editing window, which you call up by double-clicking on a graphic in the content of an article.