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WebWave drag and drop website builder lets you create unique websites. You can build your website from scratch by starting with a blank page, or choose various website templates from our free collection and modify them according to your needs. With WebWave website builder, you have a complete website design and hosting system at your fingertips.

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15 January 2019

Activate and publish your website in a mobile version

You can activate and publish your website on various devices only after you finish your project. In this article you will learn how to make your website responsive. 


  1. Move the cursor to an icon of the device you are interested in and move the slider to activate the mode.

  2.  You can choose the 'Set up the elements automatically' option to open automatic RWD tool menu.


  1. After clicking, a window with settings will appear. You can choose to set automatic alligment to whole website or only for a single webpage. You can also choose to include layout or leave it as is.



   4. Once you click Set "Start", toll will start to align elements to selected resolutions. After it you can  publish your page. Afterwards, you can test its functionality by narrowing the browser window in a separate window or by testing it on any mobile device.