Meet WebWave in 5 minutes

The quickest way to get to know all website builder's features is by watching a short 5-minute presentation. In just five minutes you will find out how to build a website without coding.


Why two videos?

Website builder WebWave adjusts to your screen. If you are watching on a big display, all panels will be visible. On the smaller one, some panels might be minimalized.


How to build a website? Step by step guide.

  1. Think about what kind of content do you want to put on the website.
  2. Create all the necessary subpages and name them.
  3. Build the main page, add menu and logo. Save time by adding them to a template. They will automatically appear on every subpage. 
  4. Add some content - images, and text.
  5. Publish your website.
  6. Check if everything displays correctly. Make sure that:
    1. the content is displaed properly?
    2. links transfer a user to adequate websites?
  7. Make necessary amendments. Publish your website again. Check everything one more time. 
  8. Adjust your website to all screens: computer, tablet, horizontal and perpendicular mobile. You can change the size and layout of elements, but the content has to stay the same. If some elements don't fit a smaller screen, you can always hide them in layers.
  9. Turn on a mobile version of the website (RWD) for all devices in website settings.
  10. Publish website and once more make sure everything displays correctly.



If you don't understand something or have any doubts - ask!

Reach out for help over the phone +48 731 395 898. On WebWave website you will find a comprehensive knowledge base with a number of guides and practical solutions.

Boost up your website!

Move elements and search for perfect solutions. Don't be afraid to loosen up and let your creativity take over with various WebWave features! Make a backup copy by yourself and go back to previous versions of your website with just one click. 

When you decide that your website is ready, consider setting an internet address for it.

How to create a menu?

An image speaks louder than words - watch video on how to create a menu.

How to create a blog?

Creating a blog in WebWave you should start with making an article template. It will save your time in the future. To display your post on a subpage, place element from "articles list" (newsfeed) on it. You can also create a couple of categories of your posts and adjust each list to show articles of chosen kind. 

WebWave blog - step by step guide:

  1. Create an article (first article on your website).
  2. Make some more articles.
  3. Add categories.
  4. Add "articles list" (newsfeed) on a subpage of your choice. Decide on displayed articles category in settings.

Done! Add new articles. Each one of them will automatically appear on articles list, which displays posts of certain categories. 



Building a website is beyond my reach... - what should I do?

Looking for a solution but can't find it? Ask us on live chat or send an e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

It is always useful to send a screenshot. We will be able to faster answer your question. In case of technical issues or builder features, it is easier to write on chat. One print screen can solve a problem almost immediately. 

If you have some questions regarding WebWave subscriptions or builder itself - we would love to answer them! Contact us over the phone (+48 731 395 898) Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm. If you won't reach us... we will get back to you :)

How to use website builder

15 January 2019


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