Integration with Przelewy24 allows you to download and manage payments from customers.


Enabling payments in the store settings

Registration on Przelewy24

Account verification in the Przelewy24 panel:

Copying store data from the Przelewy24 panel to the store settings.


  1. Assuming you have already created an online store based on the WebWave cart, you can proceed to setting the payment method. To do this, enable the "Przelewy24" option in the store settings. 
  2. By checking this box, your store will be launched in test mode and await configuration in the Przelewy24 panel. Relax, your transactional emails will continue to be sent. To set up an account at Przelewy24, click on the [link] provided. Remember to use the link in the store settings or attached in this point. 

  3. Fill in all the data in the form and go through the next 5 verification steps on the given page. 

  4. You can make further configuration in the Przelewy24 panel. Click on 'My data' and fill in the required fields there.

  5. Depending on the type of business you choose, other types of documents may be required from you.

    1. In the case of business activity, a scan of the ID card and the owner's PEP statement are required.

    2. In the case of a company, you need a scan of the company's articles of association, beneficiaries' declarations and scans of ID cards of Representatives and Beneficiaries who have over 25% of the company's profits. A scan of the completed and signed PEP status declaration by all partners is also required - in the attachment.

      To send documents, go to the 'Send documents' tab or send them directly to the following address: 

  6. Then you need to make a verification transfer. Click on 'Bank account verification' and make a payment to the provided account number.

  7. Return to the 'My data' tab and enter the given IP addresses there:

    IP address 1 -

    IP address 2 - 

  8. Most things have already been set up correctly. Now add the store regulations and privacy policy to your website. Create a separate subpage and post on it:

    1. current company registration data

    2. information on withdrawal from the contract

    3. description of the complaint mode

    4. privacy policy / personal data protection

    5. the way of dealing with complaints, making returns

    Once you put this data on the website, contact Przelewy24 to launch API (webservices) for the following services:

    This is a necessary step for our application to start communication with the Przelewy24 system

  9. The last step will be to enter the data from the Przelewy24 panel into the store settings in our wizard. 

  10. It only remains to publish the page and your store will start working.


Przelewy24 - payment integration with the WebWave shopping cart

21 October 2020


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