Newsfeed can be also called news, articles, products or even a blog. It is a very powerful feature in website builder WebWave CMS, which has multiple purposes. It is usually used to display news on a website, but it is just a tip of the iceberg. 


When use newsfeed?

Why use newsfeed?

Exemplary newsfeed purposes



 When use newsfeed?

Newsfeed allows you to easily and quickly create subpages with a different contetnt, but the same form. It means, that if you need subpages with the same layout (which will look exactly the same) but with different content, you should try newsfeed. Newsfeed can also come in handy when you need a table of content, which will update automatically. To achieve that, take a look at newsfeed list. 



 Why use newsfeed?

Newsfeed can make webmaster's life a lot easier. First of all, newsfeed tools allow you to save time when managing websites. Newsfeed list displays all articles in a certain category, newsfeed templates enable you to very quickly make corrections in all articles made with a certain template.



 Exemplary newsfeed purposes

There are many exemplary newsfeed purposes, but in this article, we will talk about just a few, the most important ones. 



The most obvious newsfeed purpose. Add to your website a newsfeed list and a newsfeed template. Describe the newest events and novelties. 



A bit more complex newsfeed purpose. Articles can contain many newsfeed lists and newsfeed templates, which allows you to write on many topics and have news nicely sorted. For example, all subpages in this guide article are articles. On a website you will find a newsfeed list, which displays only articles in SEO category. All SEO articles such as:



are articles assigned to a category SEO, so whenever we want to add a new article about SEO, we write its content, select an adequate template and assign it to a proper category.



In newsfeed, you can also describe products. If you, for example, run a website about computer games, where each game is a separate product, you can describe then in individual news. 



The newsfeed is the best tool to write a blog. All you need to do is type a news content, and it will be automatically displayed in an adequate place on a website, sorted, just like you need it. 

Newsfeed - what is it

15 January 2019


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